Welcome to the Outrageous Fortune Confessions Page, a tribute to the greatest television show New Zealand has ever created! Here you can confess any thoughts or secrets or feelings about Outrageous
as well as the prequel Westside Story :)

All photos come from http://www.outrageousfortune.co.nz/ or screen caps from episodes.

We’ve just reached 30 Choice Followers!!

Thanks so much for all your support guys! Remember to keep those confessions coming. I make a habit of checking the blog everyday, and I make the pictures as soon as I see them! All are welcome, don’t be shy :)

Also, a few weeks ago I made an Outrageous Fortune playlist and put it on 8tracks. If you haven’t heard of 8tracks, and you’re interested in finding new music, it’s the perfect place for you. If you want to listen to my favourite songs from OF, you can do so here

Thanks again all of you! :)

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